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Why should my child learn another language?

Learning another language is not about the vocabularies, it is a systematic way of training your child to think differently.It is very similar to cooking, where raw ingredients are needed to cook. Using this analogy, words are the ingredients, and sentences are the new dishes. Children can create a phrase or sentence from the words they know. Better yet,it is a lot cleaner than having a mess in the kitchen.

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How To Enroll Your Child In A class ?

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The easiest Way of explaining the difference, is to think of Simplified form as an Acronym of the Traditional Form.

Chinese writing originated from pictures, later evolved to strokes.

Mandarin words came from pictures. Therefore, Picture Mandarin means to use pictures as a form of language to communicate.

Picture Mandarin uses a three step process to offer learners the most flexible program.

A. Choose a learning series (textbooks and workbooks) that is suitable for your skill set

B. Get supplementary materials such as Prounuciation app, Homework app, or eBook club registration.

C. Choose to put your learning into practice by signing up for a paired learning program, get private tutoring, or joint a group class.

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