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Join our teacher member website and immediately enjoy a wealth of teaching resources:

Single study sheets and review sheets providing teaching and review tips

Provide cultural learning materials for Chinese and Western festivals

Supplement theme vocabulary flash cards to strengthen vocabularies

Available for purchase:

Test Bank USB Drive

Teacher Tool eBook CD Rom

The interface is simple and easy to use: Simple interface integrates digital resources makes it easy to learn for teachers.

Whiteboard Tools: Simulated whiteboard tools such as zoom in, spotlight, brush, and many more functions that the computer and projector can execute interactive whiteboard functions; number selector, electronic monitor, countdown timer and other classroom management tools will add variety and fun to the classroom atmosphere.

Editing tools: Teachers can add teaching materials depending on teaching needs by inserting texts and pages, linking to other files, or giving test questions. The e-book can easily integrate additional materials to produce customized e-books.

Integration of teaching resources for efficient teaching: The e-book integrates a broad range of teaching materials for teaching needs. These including situational animations, text reading, vocabulary cards, assessment games, character stroke order animations, workbook, learning practice paper, teaching treasure, etc. With these materials, teachers do not need to switch around teaching tools in class, which makes teaching flow more smoothly.

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