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[ Hong Kong ] Christian Alliance P.C Lau Memorial International School

Our students liked the contents and activities in this progressive series, coupled with app, they learned from playing.

[ Thailand ] Sunflower Trilingual School

Attracted by the storyline, Hello Huayu series captured the hearts of our students. It steered away from monologue teaching style, allows more teacher student interactions. Yet, sentence structure, vocabulary learning, and teaching goals were consistently reinforced.

[ Malaysia ] Summer Kids Kindergarten

“Nice pictures, interesting story, fun games, has CD, stickers, flash cards,etc.” Children raced to name the reasons why they love the series. Their expressions told us everything, we made the right choice in selecting this series. I finally terminated the quest to find quality, lively, and great teaching materials. It is satisfying to see their joy.

[ Germany ] BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School GmbH

My first impression was the vibrant design for stroke learning, which used picture to ease the learning curve for new learner. Allowing total immersion in the learning materials, teachers can effortlessly introduce writing. I was surprised by how effective the e-Book interactive functions capture student attention.

[ France ] Institut Vent de Chine

Hello 华语 课本以绘本的魅力,带动学童学习的兴趣; 配合练习本, 老师 们随手捻来,都是教学材料。每课四个跨页,老师得以尽情发挥主题,在课 堂教学随时可进行学习任务及课堂评量。

[ Brazil ] Unidade Vila Mariana

圣儒华文学校由全体华语老师共同决定将Hello 华语列入正式教材之一, 目前有六个华语班超过80位同学使用。老师们使用起来都感觉非常轻松, 有教师手册加上电子书,备课不再需要花费很多时间。课程内容符合生活 实况,加上课文内容采对话方式,学生更容易练习,回家后又有CD可以反 覆聆听复习,对于学习第二语言的学生帮助匪浅。

[ Canada ] Ottawa Chinese Language School

有情境,有活動,加上繪本的形式,有故事性,對學生很有吸引力!且貼近孩子們的生活,孩子們迫不 及待的想在讀下去。而教用電子書eBook更是事半功倍的教學利器,選號器,動畫,教學寶庫⋯節省許 多製作影音教材的時間,實在是一套「設想周到」的教材!用了兩年,不管是學生或是家長,都讚不絕 口!更重要的是,學生對於週六早起上中文學校,不再感到無趣而抗拒了!

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